La Dolce Vita


 I has the blog..

The girl is a recovering schizoid who is still trying to find mooring. Part latin, part Indian. Not telling which part. Wink. Ex New Yorker, current Mumbaikar. Latent linguist. Desperately alienated. By choice. Sometimes, verbally violent, other times, just physically though its contained within the confines of a kickboxing class.

Likes Macs, leicas, regional cinema( the bad kind), rabid dogs, feminism and Italians(bikes, pastries, men).

Reads Proust, Gide, Pico Iyer, Pamuk and Mishima. And a few others.

Listens to all the shit that you haven’t gotten around to, yet. Yes, I have already heard and dissed all that music you are about to. No, you can’t catch up. Hah!

Speaks English, Hindi, Spanish(pocito), a smattering of French and Greek. Can curse in Italian. Will commence classes in Dec2007 that will teach her to curse in German and Turkish.

Spends time trying to catapult raw eggs into the neighbouring balcony, quoting from The Princess Bride, being awed by the humor of Jane Bhi Do Yaaron, hyper-ventilating, translating everything into Progressive tense, providing retail therapy, writing meaningless letters to equally meaningless politicians protesting somewhat meaninful things,  solving those “pick errors in the adjacent picture” thingummies unsuccessfully, practising salsa in front of a mirror and sometimes on an actual dance floor, salivating at the pictures of Gale Harold and watching reruns of QaF (do NOT judge me, you “Desperate Housewives” biatches!) and yes somewhere amidst this exciting life that is led, spends 1/10 of her time creating monotonous content for a corporate behemoth that treats her like a particularly insignificant cog in the wheel. Yes, she occasionally writes columns that you shall never hear bout!

Watches a lot of British sitcoms and American soaps. Hence, is probably not the best person to seek psychological counsel from. Or matrimonial advice either.

Of course, the lady is not for burning.

Silly of you to ask!


5 Responses to “La Dolce Vita”

  1. Stumpled upon your blog while reading comments on the Burrp blog. They call it serendipity.

  2. I searched “what happens when graveyards fill up?” in google, and your blog was SECOND on the list. I checked out some of your writing, and I’ll be back to check out more. 🙂

  3. Funnie!
    You are something else woman.They don’t make ’em like you nomore!

  4. 🙂

  5. hehe..i had u as my trainer i found u yet again! cool..u called me a frog once…and u write so bloody well!! Love, Vyo!

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