Paedophiles – 1; Damaged Kids – 0

The fumey city offers a single consolation prize – Its raining again!

Yep, the cipher status that the usual worklife enjoys has been jolted a bit by this sudden deluge and strong wind that almost threatened to carry my umbrella away into the neighbour’s balcony. I suddenly had this weird urge to go to the rooftop pool and swim endlessly. Except, I can’t swim and the poolside keys have conveniently been lost by the Veerappan styled security guard of my apartment complex.

So, I did the next best thing ; which is to vegetate in front of the Idiot Box for the first half of the day (not) praying for the rains to vanish coz I seriously didn’t want to get out of the house and drag my partially broken self around the Mecca of Madness aka The Office. The news was as cheery as the muddy puddles surmounting in my vicinity. 

This is marvellous. Isn’t it?
I mean, its totally knock-your-nuts-off-their-sockets variety amazing stuff.
Or is it?
Currently the score stands as follows:
Paedophiles – 1; Damaged Kids – 0
Fantastically fantastic.
This sends out the right message to all the sex-starved, mentally sick perverts who’d like to frequent the world’s largest mobocracy. We are the most inconsiderate bunch of fainéants you will ever encounter, so, come one and all to the largest corruption murk-de-soliel party ever!
Amidst buying parliament members to establish majority that will enable more inflation of egoes and the economy and acquitting sordid paedophiles, I believe that the local and national government has its hands full so it would be slightly unfair to complain about the bloody dastardly managed streets around my house, or, in fact, anywhere in Mumbai.
Amidst all the clogging, blocking, fettering that always makes for a fairly adventurous commute to work, I found it difficult to focus on the Perv Release Case. But I persisted nevertheless. I have been following this development with utmost focus and dedication that usually eludes me when it comes to my personal or professional life/goal setting.
It’s something to watch the two pale, positively repugnant Brit(and one Indian) symbols of middle age turpitude gleam omniously with a flicker of the most horrible smile and look directly into the cameras of the newshungry photogs. It’s something inexplicable.
This must make child sexual abuse victims and those who’ve spent years crusading against paedophilia a little uncomfortable, mustn’t it?
Then again, what has the larger populace got to lose or gain as far this particularly unfathomable unfolding is concerned?
They shall carry on with their (im)perfect lives, buy the latest in-fad brand of denims, cereals, toilet paper etcetra, crib bout the sudden downpour, go through their sodden days wincing occasionally about the lack of good coffee machines in their respective workplaces and of good mating partners in their respective suburban neighbourhoods. In other words, life will continue with sickening normalacy.
For people like me though, I can’t imagine how angry this will make us as the days pass by and inaction mounts.
This is a major beating for our legal system which in any case is as competent as the Maldivian soccer squad. I wonder if we’ll ever get law right in this country.
However, I don’t think this bothers a whole lot of you folks out there. You or You, or You there, munching on those French Fries nodding your head vigorously to the mediocre music polluting your low iq brain. This is not worthy of being registered on your radar.
This doesn’t bother anyone except those who’ve actually gone through it and continue to live in its shadows hoping for some form of release, someday. As a survivor of CSA* I find it deplorable everytime an offender walks free due to “lack of evidence”. It kills you a little bit everytime someone reminds you that this is one crime that is taken so lightly in this country that its almost weightless. It flies all over the place and people don’t even notice its existence.
What evidence would be enough?
The shame, the agony, the doubts, the self-loathing, the scarring for life?
Those are for people who care. But most of us(you) are largely made of indifference that seems to be our common concern in this life.
Ain’t it funny?
No really, it must be to Allen Waters and Duncan Grant.


~ by iconoplastic on July 24, 2008.

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