Good Morning, Medusa..are you still feeling knotty?

I am browsing a partially well written article for a certain Switch magazine. It is aimed at inciting a debate bout “loosing your accent”- the call centric version of R.E.M ‘s famed litany. I am supposed to provide the counter-view. The writer has aimed his guns and fired at sundry: Arundhati roy and her ethnocentric views about the abasing of Indian culture by way of BPOs, people who disagree with those who disagree with others who support Accents and Accent training for call centers etcetera. I am still constructing a “fiery” response. This is highly dubious a subject and it certainly runs into that dangerous territory of being slightly narcissistic and ludicrous since it will be ascertaining my superior knowledge of all things Accent and Language. Ahem!
I will be able to write this, if I get time away from slaying my boss and burying him in the kitchen garden. Though, I figure, the tast task isn’t half as polemical as the thought itself, considering his size and my skill.

Till I find the fork, I beg forgiveness for the sloppy posting.


~ by iconoplastic on October 24, 2006.

2 Responses to “Good Morning, Medusa..are you still feeling knotty?”

  1. mmmmm… there’s this chick in my office (gujju, huh) who suddenly breaks off into an accent now and then. its funny – cuz it happens so suddenly – and not just to impress clients – but also when she’s talking normally with us. hehehe.

  2. Good Morning, Medusa..are you still feeling knotty? | The Fine Art of Poisoning

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