Things that make you go….WTF?

Are you content with your armchair feminism? The nonsensical reporting on Trans threads on equally ludicrous sites where the debates clearly eschew any real conversations about the real issues affecting a multitude of women everyday and everywhere. The non-white face of the feminist movement.

What will it take for you to be provoked enough to stand up and scream “Enough!”

Really now, what does it take?  Does it take this?

Mugabe’s youth militia has been raping and impregnating adolescent girls in Zimbabwean villages leading to a spike in the population of pregnant teens. Purportedly. I don’t how much can you fabricate such appalling facts. A political analyst reminds me that politics is a dirty game and everything goes. Well, fuck you too, then!

Disparaging, you’d say. But is that enough?  To condemn and then move on without letting splintered guilt pierce your partially dead conscience. Why isn’t someone doing something about this? Robert Mugabe is a monster and that’s a well documented fact and yet there has been no direct action against the man notorious for heaping hell on his own people. Here is someone who is possibly a dozen times more lethal and dangerous than Saddam could ever be, even if that’s a seriously odious comparison, and yet the G8 conveniently has forgotten and chosen to turn a blind eye to all that continues to occur in Zimbabwe. Possibly coz there aren’t oil deposits glimpsing from behind mud thatches that house some of the worst human rights violations in the history of humanity.

What does it take beyond pilfering, massacring, murdering, decapitating, mutilating and just plain annihilating? To ravage an entire people and yet there are those demented conspiracy theorists who proffer their unasked for advice and solicit sympathies for a man who can only be referred to as a mass murderer. And I’m being uncharacteristically kind here.

This probably doesn’t provoke you enough. Possibly coz its not convenient to extend the supposedly feminist thoughts to a real cause as opposed to just plainly posting retarded reviews of equally retarded “progressive” dissertations of failed academics.  

How about this one then?

The enlightened Saudi regime has ordered 350 lashes for a research student whose “scandalous” crime was to communicate with her biochemistry professor over the phone. These phone calls apparently caused the breakdown of her marriage leading to a divorce. The wiseasses interpreting Sharia for the rest of the populace decided that its only fitting that they beat the woman and her “accomplice” black and blue. Perhaps that will drill some sense into women who, shudder, decide to pursue biochemical research or indulge in a little tete-a-tete over the phone and worse still, walk out on their husbands coz, well, they want to.

Yes, you are hollering from every street corner and stop sign, saying that We are liberated freethinkers coz we can choose to be single mothers and thank god for sperm banks, or that we can amass Jimmy Choos for our upscale social dos, we experiment with unconventional (god alone knows what that’s supposed to mean!) living arrangements and relationships but what about the other half? Is this the life they(We) deserve or more importantly, desire?


~ by iconoplastic on July 8, 2008.

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