You’re bringing on the heartbreak…

Gypsy, sittin lookin pretty
A broken rose and laughin’ eyes
You’re a mystery
Always runnin’ wild

You are..

Cugat’s guitar strings. Vangelis’s exquisite symphony. Still. Hazel lines in my morning cupcakes. Delicate moments sprinkled in Kyoto’s murmuring orchards. The savoring of Syrrah. Scherezade’s beautiful consort. The eager aurora of my December sky. Flawless. The unhurried blooming of a Cinnamon rose. Soul’s Elevation. Black Orpheus. Blue diamonds.

Places of untouched grandeur and unmeasured love. Scintillation of slow burning intellect wrapped in a father’s nurturing touch. A resonant silence thrown into the ever expansive voids of love and beyond. Zephyrus descending. Spring sunrise.

Elysian dreams. Mind’s muse. Perfection without restraint. Lips and eyes of a million tales from the gorge’s heart. Movement and beauty. Beauty and Desire. Woven to grow like a tender vine. Alvarez’s intensity. With expression. Without masquerades. Inveterate humor. Undulating ardor caressing the ocean’s lonesome heart. Untold epics of unknown lands. Ephemeral. Etched in the caverns of my craving mind.

You are…the beginning of everything thats pure and its eternal bliss.

Unforgettable. That you can make a piano weep and laugh. All at once.


~ by iconoplastic on May 22, 2008.

5 Responses to “You’re bringing on the heartbreak…”

  1. Danny.. you lucky pet!!
    Noone ever writes of me with such eloquence. Fookin hell!!

    ; P

  2. Aiyo…I will wax poetic bout you too…appy???
    Btw…when do you wanna do the moviethon?

  3. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Sainted

  4. Hmm…I wonder if I did have a point to begin with!

  5. Do you not realize that I can map you ip, you dumb twit?
    You are parading as a fuckin trans-femme to post anon comments on my blog and I should die??
    You are a fucking idiot as always Akshat!

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