The Bakers of Dawn

See the fire is sweepin’
Our very street today
Burns like a red coal carpet
Mad bull lost its way


What was my face before my parents were born?
The first Koan. To traverse the Self and I. Ego.
The Mind is embowered in a state of perfect peace even as the body aches from the constant stiffness of having to sit in the seemingly tortuous position. Though I am not watched over by kyosaku wielding roshi or senior monitors, this is equally arduous a task and the crack of a baton is sometimes more a mental than a physical castigation.
The path to Zazen isn’t paved with easy mantras and instant nirvana. And this reality more often than not causes some severe spiritual dyspepsia for the young guns looking towards the Shakyamuni for quick liberation of the soul!
Personally, I don’t mind the slightly longer route to the mountain, much like alighting upon the plateau during my frolicky days of Panchagani lunacy.
Its perhaps not the best combination that I have supplemented the three pillars of Zen with the rabidity of Rant. Palahniuk is hot. Literally and physically. What draws me to his nihilistic refrains are anyone’s guess. I must get my daily dose of Rant much like Casey Jr needed the regular rattlesnake and cottonmouth nibbling. The crazy world of Chuck is slightly less pristine than the one fashioned so elegantly in the Paris Review – my last read. Inventive, it is.
For the uninformed, Angelique Kidjo is fantastic. Summer’s bellowing rather gallingly in the bylanes of Bombay this time and no matter how many Inconvenient Truths you shove down our throats, We ain’t gonna stop incesting Mother Earth. Some reverence that!
News bulletins remain polluted by vexing typa stories about steroid infused He-men and their movies, returns of mythic deities to modern day whorehouses and occasionally even that casual stroll of the surrounding planets manages to find an hour long reveal in some garish tarot card poser’s incoherence. Amidst these noteworthy issues sometimes, just sometimes, a casual mention of a Dalit girl burnt alive elicits collective “tch tch” or “how terribles”. Anyway, for the latecomers, a 5 or perhaps 6 years old Dalit girl was charred for making the formidable mistake of walking the upper caste boulevard in the cowbelt.
Yes, in Indian Shining the glowering fires roasting nubile Dalit girls for walking down the wrong path must contribute some of the luster.

“Try to be better than yourself” – Faulkner


~ by iconoplastic on May 5, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Bakers of Dawn”

  1. Mei Mei..Tanaka-san ni agete kudasai!!

    Thats all the Japanese wiki could teach me. He He He.
    Seriously wo(e)man..stop drinking so much slime soup and come make some music with me!!
    Chinese meditation I no get but Chinese torture would prolly help a lot while dealing with these casteist mongrels up North.
    Wot say?

  2. I say – Stay away from the Nippon!
    I don’t drink slime soup anymore though the chinese torture thingummy seems highly feasible.

  3. “run India run” or “burn India burn”?!
    that news story was soul shattering. i really hope that kid is doing ok now.
    anyway what do you think of barrage barkrey’s latest tirade?
    man’s woofing far too much and too frequently these days don’t you think? whatever happened to the globally famous canine neutering squads of amchi mumbhai? someone needs needs their nads snipped.
    oh btb are you still waiting for the 4 minutes with danny boy? this is what you get for dating high fliers. next time stick to us lowriders.
    = ;]

  4. :))))

    Casey..buddy.. you are so getting spammed after this!!!
    Raj bhau is spitting venom coz he ain’t getting any after they shut down his favorite bar. No bar bala..tar hey zhala! My minglish is rusty.

    Danny boy says hi. He’s thrown his back off. Again.The rest via doordhwani. We’ll sing for you too. Call ya soon. Answer.

    Yeah..thanks for the comment. Much appreciated.

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