The hearts are weak, the Guns are not.

You hear a whistling overhead
Are you alive or are you dead?
It’s only Thursday

You feel a shaking on the ground
A billion candles burn around
Is it your birthday?

Tired. Drowsy. Hoping for a nice Mocha cold to be offered to me when I finally make my way to the other building.
Reading something by Martin Amis. Nope, not a book, just an old article printed in a shabby rag about a million moons ago. Managed 50 crunches and a wholesome food shopping trip without losing much heart or stomach. Awesome stuff.
Oldboy is worthy of all its praise and its a total dog that I saw it so late. Fantastico! My penchant for cinematic violence is only preceded by my penchant for real violence. Kidding.
Samira Makhamalbaf is so damned beautiful. Its almost bizzare.
What else?
Yeah, the weekend getaway is almost here. Yay!
My Peter Steele mania shows no signs of subsiding. Sigh!
Making a documentary is serious work.
I’m not conditioned for serious work. There in lies a huge antithesis.
Ever felt like this is the moment of your life?
Nope, I’m not feeling like that right now. I’m wondering if you are feeling like that, though.
I’m feeling slightly normal tonite.


~ by iconoplastic on April 9, 2008.

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