Inner Dj’s spinning – Victory(Instrumental version)

There’s a footstep in the clouds…
There is warmth in drops of rain…
There is a meaning to the words I say…

Fractals. SCORM specs. MACs and Pods. Visual Appeal. Bon appetite. Whipped creme. Cinnamon sticks. Whiff of life. Mocha dreams. 6 degrees. Launchpad. Nomadic traits. Entourage. Enchanted woods. Attraversiamo. Pillars of Hercules. Gibraltar Ascending. Ideas. Reality. Dimensions. Added. Fifth Element. Sixth Sense. Bombay Sappers. Psychedelic splashes. Motley Holi. Italian siesta. Thailand conquered. New Kids. Old Block. Arroyo shining. Powered by Pilates. Dan of Aidan. Love. Hubba Hubba. Hubba. 3’s a dream. Lush. DeLush. Volvo Maxims. Maximum happiness. Delhi diacritics. Average cheap delhites. Warranted exclamation Alleppey pickles. Quarter life crisis. Jobs. Partners. People. Desires. Definitions. Disappearance. Powerlunches. Courgettes. Not Zucchinis.Tajine. Not Biryani. Magnifique. Corporate Slobbery. Indigestion. I Exist. Still. Kierkegaard and Thumri. Khayal. The Big Bang. Just theories. Summer in Algiers. Bologna. Deadmeat. Downright. Airtight. Some Vision. Insight. Querelle de Brest. Brand New. In the same hue.

I had almost forgotten how much fun it was to connect the dots.

I find the truth in my reflection..
I see the meaning of my defiance…

We’ve started. Coming soon to a grouchy TV screen near you…Mz Zadie(“Scherezade?..No..that doesn’t work for us..will call you Zadie”) and the Klowns(“Ok..dee dee..dum dum”).

You need to wait for a month to completely comprehend this absurdity. Rest assured, I have finally made concrete, the concept we were playing around with, for a really long time. So, after 23 mediocre years I am finally doing what I have always wanted to do, professionally and personally. Connecting. With people.

Keep believing.

The Suburban Noise Machine – S N M.


~ by iconoplastic on March 31, 2008.

7 Responses to “Voice”

  1. CONGRATS!!!
    Miss Manager!!!!

    So..we should discuss the new project in detail….*cough* *cough*
    Pliss get your hiney to pune for the next weekend!!!;) *muah*

  2. Well done! Extremely happy for you.
    Btw does the new position come with its own harem of oiled up jocks at your beck and call?
    Enjoy the euphoria.

  3. This is one of Pentagram’s best efforts till date.

  4. Dear Cosmia,

    I read and re-read your posts on vacant afternoons. I pine, endlessly. You are quicksand and much as I would like to hold you, I know I must let go.

    “People. Desires. Definitions. Disappearance.”
    Isn’t it always in that order?

    For the same reason I have been listening to “The Ground Beneath Her Feet” on a loop.

    “How she made us feel….How she made me real…”

    I shall see you soon?

  5. m i a ??

  6. @O’ bearded one – You know what it is..I’m back in the building!

    @DD – Why the lonface honeydew?

    @Others – Danke Schon!

  7. And you called me cosmia …awwwwwww
    he he

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