Head Hurts

Hail your dark skin..
Hiding the fact that you are dead again!  

Migraine. Severe. Fever too.
Incoherent mumbling.

Two plugs aka a few websites for today.
If in Mumbai, then Burrp – their New Year’s List. And they are nice people. Or so I am assuming.
Paddy fields. Cynical or not, a word game is always fun and more so when it leads to some goodness of the human kind.
The SubGenius Gene.

Also, need some assistance in researching “stuff” about Micro-learning. Any help is appreciated and will be paid back in kind(of something).

Starting to feel really unwell…and I can’t help but think if its coming on…Again..


~ by iconoplastic on December 18, 2007.

2 Responses to “Head Hurts”

  1. Still churning out workstuff?
    GO HOME.
    Get some rest bella!

    Btw, Burrp is really interesting.

  2. take care of yourself, woman.

    meantime if my old uni athens account still works, I will see what I can dig up…

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