Girls in da hood..


Okie, I know that was oh-so terrible but I am in transit and I have about 5 minutes to post this but I had to coz two very important subjects need to be thrown into the discussion arena.
I ‘mma make this real quick for ya’ll.

The 49th Carnival of the Feminists is running here.

Please visit. NOW. And let some awareness enter your life.

I got this link via the Carnival list and it sickens me to the core.

Office stationery takes the concept of ridiculously disgusting to a whole new level.

You can collect you jaw from the floor now.
Dude, since when did shoving pencils and pens up someone’s genitalia get fun? Maybe we should consult the North African social workers who repeatedly had rifles’ pushed through their vaginas’ for so much as asking for tampons/sanitary napkins as a basic amenity.
Do you think they’d find this funny?
On second thoughts can I get a pencil sharpener where some dude’s getting castrated coz hell, I think that would be interesting too. Ugh.
Oh, btw..if this contraption wasn’t ugly enough they have apparently added voice to “Lusty Linda”.

Please tell me that this nauseates you enough to want to throw up all over the genius inventor’s(using that word loosely) face.
All I can say is..
Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot??


~ by iconoplastic on December 9, 2007.

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