Keep it in your fleece

You want God but you couldn’t deflate your ego
If you’re already there then there’s nowhere to go
if you’re cup’s already full then its bound to overflow

The job section carried a entire page worth of “Testicles Wanted” ad for an advertising company and if the rest of it wasn’t as mediocre as their attempt to garner attention, it’d have translated into a rather interesting post. But, it won’t.

I am still in blehtown. So thats that.

Music. Relish.

Finley Quayle & Will – “Dice”
Jump, Little Children – “Close your eyes”
Pete Yorn – “Life on a chain”
Imogen Heap – “Goodnight and go”
Modest Mouse – “The world at large”
Don Ellis – “New Horizon”

Today feels like The 88’s “How good can it be”.

Thats all for this week folks.


~ by iconoplastic on November 30, 2007.

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