Under the weather

And I will not accept this as a part of my life
I will not live in fear of what may be
And the lessons I have learned…
I would rather be alone then watch you
Spinning that wheel for me

..Just coz something last evening reminded me of someone who leaves a really terrible aftertaste.
Its important to remember who you need to forget.


Cons – Fever. Sore throat.
Pros – A rather raspy voice that could be mistaken for a cool Harlem soul singer’s. Ok, maybe not. Just a regular Not Just Jazz By the Bay performer then?
Incubus of viral invasion courtsey the unusual proximity this phlegmatic city offers to every possible endemic jalopy masquerading as “people”. Public transport will be the end of me. Drat!
Still, I heart Bombay.
There is more to the anatomical ruination..
An injured foot(moving boxes etc) that comes with a sidedish of a bandaged hand(the nail, the damned nail!).
Blogging will cease coz I have actual writing assignments now, other than switching jobs et al.
If you didn’t catch it earlier.. I am unwell. Sniffle.

Mailing me random pictures of nice looking men would help alleviate spirits. Coming home and making me a cup of warm chocolate will help more.
Till The Tambourine Man comes back from his east european junket..we have to make do with something.
Lady P of The Alternative Frocks has gently offered to accompany for pizzas. God bless her bandini duppattas!

Also, meeting a dapper ex sometime next week. This was the second serious relationship. He is back in town after eons and requested my company for a meal(opening of a new eatery et al). He looks dishier than before and he always was quirky not to mention incredibly intelligent, so thats an impossible combination to resist and this is not a good thing coz I look, well, ill.

Brave soul, this one. I did slap him in public view, afterall. It wasn’t his fault niether was it mine. He had a problem that he refused to seek help for and I’ m not particularly supportive of emotionally ambivalent creatures, as he used to be. A weakling I can’t stand(and hence the recent past was so troublesome coz I had morphed into one myself)
I’d rather you do something about your problems than wimper or sulk with a bottle of wine. His was a far more complex situation. It left a chasm in our communication. My arrogance coupled with his reticience made it almost impossible to even look at each other, let alone talk in a civil manner. Also, there was something(one) else. Like they say, Love is a decision not a force of nature as the syrupy paperbacks will have you believe. I was 19 and incredibly headstrong. Still am. I didn’t need unnecessary melodrama but felt as though I was being forced to participate in it. End result – hitting him across his face. Bollywood circa 1980s style. Argh.

 He didn’t respond, just walked away, wordlessly. Everything changed after that. If he wanted to, he could’ve broken me like a biscuit considering that he is twice my size, used to be a national level sportster, was and still is one of the fittest men I have encountered. He chose silence, instead and I give him credit for that. I thought I disliked him thoroughly but he sent me the most amazingly beautiful letter when I discovered the possibility of having to goto battle with the big C recently. He used to be the recepient of my incessant rants about the “feudal and chauvinistic attitude of the Indian male” at the Uni audi. Ah! good times! We have the most turbulent history of all the people I have officially dated. Four years have gone by in the blink of an eye. Things have changed since, to begin with, I am not 19 anymore and his problem has long since dissipated. So this shouldn’t go all that badly. Right?

Nix that, will seek advice from the most recent ex. Paging Sleepless in New York. This must be the beginning of my own personal Ex files series. Yuck. Even I can do better than that!

Did I mention that its gotten reeeealllly cold around here?

Then again, it is November and for some inexplicable reason I am close to getting frost bites in sub-zero temperature coz the aircon has developed a mind of its own. Now if only my colleagues at work, and other people I know of, could learn from this apparatus..

As usual, the news about the country continues be blow the lid off our jars, in a manner of speaking.

And then something to make you smile.
I shared this before and am repeating it for the benefit of those who haven’t yet checked it out.
I love these guys. Completely.


~ by iconoplastic on November 28, 2007.

4 Responses to “Under the weather”

  1. Get Well Soon!

  2. wait a minute- weren’t you on xanga before?

  3. Yes saar.

  4. And who might you be?

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