Take my heart in the meantime

Time: Frozen in
Location: A snuggly mattress-bed with the stuffed  bovine pet aka Mooey. Its complicated.
Blue light blinking on the sidepost..
Received – One Text..

 Him : “Take my heart in the mean time..”
 Me: “And I am the one comparing my having you tonite..”(Some hideous smiley face)

Go to sleep.


Next..an email.


Wanted you to wake up to this…
It’s 2:30 am right now and I am up and still standing at the same spot, where we were a couple of hours ago, staring at the sea. Soyam is upside down on the couch, passed out and am in half the mind to glue something to his forehead.
Except that my mind is running along its own tangent and am f
eeling something I can’t yet express..still not sure if I just caught a glimpse of a crazy lunar fairy tonite, in the skin of a postmodern satirist, of course, who just happens to enjoy beating me at scrabble regularly.

Want to thank you for just being..You. Want you to want more. From me …
You bring life with you, the warmth of summer after a particularly gray winter. I am starting to crave more of you…also am slowly turning into an insomniac and so its not just your laughter thats contagious..

I’m goin’ around in circles…aren’t I? You are already making those scrunchy faces..aren’t you?

I hate writing bout stuff, am better demonstrating other ways and since 
I am no wordsmith I am sending you something. Not original, so don’t scoff!
And I do accept my position as a “complete and utter twat” if thats what takes to keep me around in your life.
I will start recording this music in a half hour and your face refuses to leave my mind. Just thought you should know…
And bout Love…moonchild, don’t know who you last dealt with but I ‘m no quitter. Never have been.

p.s.: I have just realized that its friggin cold and am without shoes!

e.e cummings

A song followed..

You like the adrenaline rush
Just a little too much
You go from day to day, hand to mouth
And wonder why you’re unsatisfied

Coz Love is a Marathon
That’s why you get tired so fast of everyone

Slow down and pace yourself
Cause when it’s good
It’s a long open road

I haven’t stopped smiling since.


~ by iconoplastic on November 22, 2007.

3 Responses to “Take my heart in the meantime”

  1. mmmm…lovely…. but god, how i miss those kinds of nocturnal messages!

    and anyone willing to be a complete and utter twat for love instantly deserves shiny, floaty, happy things.

  2. @ Headmistress – Well, this is purely the law of averages working for me right now!I have suffered very different(and highly undesirable) kind of nocturnal txting for a substantial period with a schmuck par excellence before this. Glad thats over though!
    And yes…this one deserves lotsa shiny happy things!!

  3. I had warned you about this.
    He IS Perfection and I am NEVER wrong.

    *tee hee*

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