In the name of Jehad, get me some teenage transvestites..

I don’t think, therefore You are…here.

Patriarchy assigned the color Pink to us a while ago and that trend follows us. Right to the matchbox sized solitary cells for the most belligerent of convicts at a women’s prison in the US of A. Roseate walls are supposed to soothe their violent tendencies lest they use locks in socks to pop out the prison staff’s eyeballs. The fact that the women continued scratching out each others( and the guards’) epidermis and more, despite salmon surroudings, is indicative of the fact the powder pink environs might not be the real answer to curbing prison attacks.

From the vituperative world around us..

It’s an age old practice that has led to some of the boy dancers being turned into sex slaves by wealthy and powerful patrons, often former warlords, who dress the boys up as girls, shower them with gifts and keep them as “mistresses”.

The Reuters story about “boy mistresses” of Afghanistan left me wincing for a significant amount of time. Paedophilia is probably the most disturbing of human proclivities. Pederasty was rampant in most ancient civilizations and in some modern ones it continues, unbashedly, till this day. Every morning a dozen stories of child abuse battle each other for newsprint and it kills me to imagine that people won’t even talk openly about this, let alone take action.

From the Valley of Grapes, this story makes your bones hurt with rage.

Young boys referred to as “baccha bereesh” or boys without beards, locally known, perform at weddings dressed in women’s clothing including artificial breasts et al. Guess the ex Mujaheeds like to keep up with the Andersons and the developments in the field of cosmetic enhancement. The fundamentalist code of conduct disallows women dancers(women dancing is unethical etcetra, men whipping women for showing an inch of bare skin on their wrist isn’t) and this is the best option in lieu of immediate hymeneal ecstacy. The liege lot likes it’s boys nubile and sensual and might I add, delicately fragrant. And as underage as possible.

“I very much enjoy hugging a boy. His smell and fragrance kills me.” (sic(k))

Middle aged warlords lust for prepubsecent lads and seduction is usually carried out in a rather elaborate manner beginning with inundation of gifts and precious somethings, if honey-tonguing(intended, of course) doesn’t yield desired results, then brutal force is used and kids are brazenly captured as sex slaves. Mujaheeds and local lords hold dancing competitions for young caddies and its as good as any competitive sport(that Dennis Rodman could be a part of) where victory means a whole lot of presents,  wanted and desirable kind and attention,  unwanted and undesirable kind. Its a case of another one of those life-thy-name-is-irony discoveries; I am told(by an Afghani, no less) that this form of exploitation had stopped during the Taliban regime coz their top bananas considered it highly immoral. Post Bush and Co smoking out the talibs, the local commanders returned to rule the roost and a revival of sorts occured for “bacha bazi” – boy play – as its widely known.

The boys in question have fallen in step with this practice and have even settled for a rather dysfunctional form of domestic bliss with their “lords”. In a strange twist of fate, some of the former boytoys end up marrying the daughters of their owners to maintain proximity. Authorities have started zeroing in on these offenders though the mass opinion is fairly cynical on this account; the hunt and further attempts for punishment wouldn’t bear fruit coz the roots run further into the ground. In fact it can be quite futile an attempt since many of these commanders/ex militia members hold stations of significant power in local government. Now, if We have learnt anything by observing the political charade that’s unfolding on TV screens across our own country it is that people in power can get away with burning an entire town to ashes and no one can do anything about it. Really. Check dictionary for Nandigram.

So, anyway..
The ornery oaf, who doubles up as my legal counsel these days, and I, were arguing whether this whole pederastic tradition tantamounts to being unethical or immoral, other than the fact it should be completely illegal and we concluded after much hair-tearing that it one of those diabolical crimes than fits equally into all three categories.


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