Think of a smart one yourself

Through these fields of destruction
Baptisms of fire
I’ve watched all your suffering
As the battles raged higher
And though they did hurt me so bad
In the fear and alarm
You did not desert me

Random lyrical madness ensues when am upto 6 feet under at work and unimaginably time starved. I do realize that Knofler or not, this state of blogging must cease immediately. But ..24 hours don’t suffice for all that I like to do and all that I have to do. Measuring the distance between the former and the latter. Between writing sychophantic client interaction reviews and eating large cubes of blue cheese. Clear now? The narrow and the straight. I would like to make solemn promises about how I will never unleash popular rock songs upon your collective consciousness by way of this blog but I am really very incapable of writing about anything sensible(if I ever was, to begin with) or topical(I’ll jab you in the elbow with a rusted fork if make a dig at my general lack of wit) when am upto my teeth in piles of files. Even if the electronic kind. Don’t come after me with a hatchet! I know its lame. Still.

End of the year heralds the beginning for annual business reviews and more white people line the streets of corporate Bombay than those gallivanting through the Pushkar fair. Melanin differences aside, they are fairly colorless(intentional pun, of course). However, this year brought around at least one exceptionally, adorably, unimaginably cute Canadian to my doorstep or rather the atrium at office. Even if I am not exactly fond of mayonnaise, I can do with just a little bit of a white bread sandwich once in a while. Cue for pinnae shattering girlie giggle fits.

Occasional flashes of the last 11 months of incalculable misery do occur every now and then. The good news is that they dissipate as quickly in the face of incredible amounts of resilience I have managed to stock up in the recent weeks. No revisiting the past. Just taking notes as time flies by.

The Troubadour meets the Provocateur.
He is beautiful. Hands, mouth and all. Sings and cooks and happily escorts me to satisfy my craving for freshly grinded java beans at 5 am. Narrates anecdotes with such unbridled passion that you could almost imagine yourself, with him, amongst the Dinka tribesmen or you could get swept in the flow of his chaste Italian even as he ranks pizzerias in Naples. Of course, multiple arguments have already occured thanks to my penchant for, well, arguments. But unlike the previous sods, nothing deters this one and more frequently than not he is more than ready to jump into the ring with me, gloves and Nuttbuddy on, of course. He is also observant of the fact that nothing shuts me up better than cinnamon muffins and he doth earneth some brownie points for that one. The collisions(verbal or otherwise) are frequently followed by a peace treaty at a rather unkempt apartment or a non-descript club’s deserted bar, usually chalked out amidst ample amounts of chocolate concoctions(me) and vodka mixes(him) and lychee martinis(both of us).

We are pleased by this state of cocoa and sugar fueled existence.


~ by iconoplastic on November 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “Think of a smart one yourself”

  1. stumbled across your blog through the many morasses of randomness, and of course, it is lovely.
    congratulations on your sugar-fueled love, on fresh ground coffee at day break.

    white bread sandwiches = yum. But so so bad for you.

  2. Hi there…
    Thanks for visiting..
    I have to say that I really liked your blog but unfortunately can’t leave comments on a blogger page coz of restrictions at work…

    There is more white bread comin’ my way 😉

    Do drop in now and then…

    – Schez

  3. will do.
    you too!

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