Hard Sun

Empty Pockets will
Allow a greater sense of wealth
Why contain yourself?
Like any other
Book on the shelf

Winta Negrassi’s R-n-B sounds, Neil LaBute’s “In the Company of men”, reruns of the Big Bang Theory, some domestic dissonance, writing/editing articles, checking for cheaper hotels in Paris for the Feb stay, invitation to speak at a youth meet sorta thing in Thimpu(ahem!), reworking the GMAT “strategy”(which essentially means actually studying), skateboarding, culinary experimentation with meat, lentils and assorted veggies.

And somewhere in the middle of it, I found the time to work on The List.

That was my weekend.

“It’s never too late to become who you would have been” – George Elliot.

Life is almost brilliant in its ability to throw the most wonderful and exhilirating form of love at the most unexpected of intervals, just when you thought you’d seen it mauled and bastardized to its nadir, its reincarnated – new and radiant. Thats Love for ya!

Born for the Wilderness : Chris McCandless

Waiting, with bated breath, to watch Into the Wild. I read the book almost a decade ago and its been in my head since. The odd part is that I am 24 now(the same age as Candless when he died) and though nowhere close to burning my money in piles along a highway or contemplating an extended stay in an igloo in the North Pole, I can now fully comprehend the idea of leaving everything behind to essentially disappear into the maze. There are those, of course, who will dismiss Krakauer’s book as misguided adventures of a growingly cynical and an affluent white kid with a suicidal predisposition. Maybe its accurate. Maybe its over-simplification. I usually choose to ignore those people because they almost always have spinach stuck in their teeth and that sort of negates their discourses on existentialism since one can’t trust people who have trouble with their own dental hygeine. Ahem.

I don’t entirely disagree with the fact that, perhaps, the boy was too idealistic and maybe even unaware of a few things, many Alaskans will tell you that his escape wasn’t exactly dependent upon a mammoth fight with Nature, just a decent map and a thorough study of the region, but he made a choice to slug it out and he lived his choice. And thats more than I can say for a lot of people. Who is to judge? Who decides what should or should not trigger our inner self? He could’ve been too stubborn for his own good, convinced of completing his own personal, Thoreau-esque detachment trail. That can also be pure speculation and overt romanticization of a rather simple idea. I don’t understand good or bad anymore. So, perhaps this was the life and the death, he was meant for. The pursuit of something you believe in, is what matters at the end of the day. What is a little tragic, though, are the throngs of young kids making their way to Alaska every year in the hope of re-living the “McCandless life” and, eerily enough, his death too.

Coming back to the phillum..

I am not enthralled by  the whole of the soundtrack however in some of the tracks , Vedder’s voice and riffs are enchanting. “Tuolumne” is Vedder at his best. The sound of his guitar slows down Time in its step or perhaps speeds it, I don’t know which. The mind somehow refuses rational concepts when that track is playing.

About the movie, well, I usually don’t entirely agree with the manner in which stories as delicate and confounding as these translate on-screen. Hollywood tends to bleed drama from all corners the moment is lands a real life account for a great story andthen  overplays the “Lost American Kid” card.  However, since it’s a Sean Penn movie, I just might like it. Might.
For those who haven’t read the book, it’d be almost criminal to go camping in a movie theater before you pick up a copy of the original narration and go through the pages.

Advice: Read the book first.

Added Later: Wednesday concert/Book launch

Venue: Banana Bar(Bandra)
Time: 9 pm

Occasion: Launching a horror novel etc while enjoying some funk grooves by a really nice band. Aftertaste will be there and the-jumping-jackflash-on-the-verge-of-rockstar-notoriety aka Mr Lee is performing.

Lovely little nachos, BE THERE!


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