In an (idle) girl’s life..

…..or maybe ideal? (Homonyms et al)

And nothing’s where you’re at
When you ain’t got something
You’ll never get it back
It’s coming on like a drug
The universal power of one
But it don’t mean nothing
If it all comes undone

Daybreak. The sun’s conspicous by absence. Open skies wash away life’s negligence.
Sound barrier broken with 50 “Kick..higher” yawps per minute .

Yes. Kick. Higher. For 3 hours. Starts at 5:30 am, usually.
Inclined towards developing jiu jitsu sensei-hood. The East Village Idiot would be proud.

One phone call made. One phone call answered. Contemplating the possibility of being stranded in the Bahamas with a network incompatible cellphone. UMTS/HSPA. Doable. The getting stranded part, that is.

You’re left with nothing
And nothing’s what you’ve got
When you ain’t got no-one, no-one
You could have had the lot
And if it’s over today
You’ll never get that thing you had together, no way
You only get it once

Stay. Despite the distance and the differences. Stay. I can wait. With cream custards and other assorted pudginess inducing polysacchrides, if ever the need arises for them. Its an acceptable cause of failure in relationships of all sorts – miscommunication. Bad cellular networks amplify that possibility manifold.
No advice or complaints. You will manage to rise above the situation. You will cross over. Attraversiamo, mio caro, and don’t let the mediocrity of Fate rinse out your spirits. 

I say..
Remember. Carpe Diem. Theme for your day. And mine.

Fly away
If you fly away
You might die today

Skateboarder Punk. Yes. After 10 years of not even a roller blade in the vicinity.
Constant falling. Shoulder’s dislocated. Puzzling anatomy, this. It should be the thigh crying murder!

We ain’t got nothing
A day’s a number
Don’t remember how you found it
You will never feel the same
And forever have to take
It for granted, don’t remember our mistake

“Why not Yale?”
“I’ll be ridiculed for life.”
“Of course. UCLA is so much better!”
“Can’t we just live in Roma for a while, eating asparagus sticks and cheese?”
“Can you drag yourself downstairs so I can at least get a palak khichdi for lunch?”
A matter of taste. Eyelash fluttering. Unsuccessful attempts. Nix that. Udipi for now. Naples can wait.

Gimme some love
Gimme some skin
If we ain’t got that then we ain’t got much
And we ain’t got nothing, nothing

Detox. Diet and Life.
Still looking for hemp pants. Without any resonating success, unlike the last time.
Got two long stemmed lilies. One for each count of irritating behavior.
Rain drenched street photography. Leibovitz am not but I do ok sometimes.

New Art. New Musiqa. Old Movies.
“Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” *

Ze hair iz Purple now. Tres Chic!
Ze mind is Free. Magnifique!

Gimme some love
Gimme some skin
If we ain’t got that then we ain’t got much
And we ain’t got nothing

Now off to meet Jim and his cronies. Chao.

p.s.: *If you can tell me where that quote came from, without using your favorite Jeeves aka Google, you and I are meant to marry and procreate and generally save humanity from extinction so mail me!


~ by iconoplastic on September 24, 2007.

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