Whatever People say I am ..

….I am exactly that!

Despair in the departure lounge
It’s one and they’ll still be around at three
No signal and low battery
What’s happened to me

Be Real. Says He.
Aye, aye. Says Me.

Bi-polar, biracial, bisexual. Meds or meth. Photographer or linguist. Anorexic or peach bottomed. Manic depressive or intellectual hunter. Introverted or Hiding. Cutting or Healing. Delilah or Desdemona. Expat or Exiled. Jesus or Buddha. Satire or Sutras. Materialism or motherly conscience. Manhattan skyline or Rwandan mud huts.

These are choices that need to be made in a manner where the subordinate conjunction is rid of, in the favor of the least soul crushing option. In a month.

People am meeting these days bring to mind two long forgotten words – “Amazing Grace”.


~ by iconoplastic on September 10, 2007.

One Response to “Whatever People say I am ..”

  1. She is brilliant….says he..yet again..(thanks for the salsa lessons)

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