Postcards from the Edge – I

I only talk to God when somebody’s about to die
I Never cherished Freedom
Freedom never cries

Save Tibet

Imagine living in a country you were born to without the right to have a house guest unless you obtain a license for this specific purpose. Now, imagine that even if you carelessly just so much as uttered the words “Dalai Lama” in a public square, you’d be captured, held captive and tortured for decades on end(if you last that long). Also imagine becoming a hostage in your own home and never being able to say or do anything that would inevitably displease the foreign regime thats throttling to death the very concept of liberty and freedom.

Disappearing is an act of magic, said Henry Rollins. The chinese government is a team of experienced magicians of the first order coz over many thousands Tibetans seem to have “disappeared” for merely exchanging pictures of Buddha at a vendor’s market. Those left are often paraded like common hooligans for standing up and defending their right to make a choice. Imagine of all of this and also the fact that the Progressive First World is watching as a silent spectator or is busy nuking other bigger “threats” to the human race like say innocent kids in rural Afghanistan.
Well, Tibetans don’t have to imagine any of this coz they are living it, day in and day out.
And I thought my inability to afford the new iMac and book a trip to Bali during the same month was the worst crisis to ever befall the universe.
How is this for a new and slightly more improved perspective?



~ by iconoplastic on August 28, 2007.

One Response to “Postcards from the Edge – I”

  1. Wow, so this is where a random link on a random blog can get you.

    I like.

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