India Bleeding

What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun?

TOI reports that India suffers more terrorist acts of destruction than any other country, besides Iraq, and thats not even a contest.
So, 24 or so hours after the twin bombs ripped through Hyderabad, everyone and their aunt is condemning the attack in in their own manner of highly projected prudence. The newspapers are definitely in a jam coz they don’t know how to divide the newsprint between reporting about Salman’s gourd and chappati lunch bytes or the slightly more, ahem, gruesome terrorist act thats paralyzed India’s cyber-city and issued red alerts to other metros including mine. Most Mumbaites experienced a sinking feeling that threatened to engulf their innards just watching the clips of the disfigured bodies and crimson puddles lining the chairs at one of venues. You just need one whispering reminder and the haunting thought starts to gallop in your mind – “Are we next? Again?”
Its a dilemma to beat all dilemmas.
Politicos, a la Mz Renuka Choudhary(Union Health Minister), are as concerned as they should be and are drowning their sorrow(and shame) by attending inaugration parties for books bout buxom bollywood beauties**. Incidentally she also made profuse apologies for turning up late for the Mumbai social do, due to the serial blasts. Accomodating bomb blasts is such a pain in the arm. Thankfully, she still has  arms and a neck and also the rest of her torso. Many students who were attending the laser show or were loafing at Gokul Chat(where the first bomb set off) didn’t have any such luck.
Other socially conscious leaders are investing their collective energies pursuing social criminals who’ve committed social crimes of unparalleled severity.
And what does the opposition insinuate during such a grave situation? Why, play the Blame Game of course! Double or Nothing.
We are back to square one as of this morning. Media hounds running amok chasing stories like headless chickens. News channels begging and pleading viewers to send the goriest of videos from the blast site, the more disfigured it is, the higher TRP accountability. Motto for the moment – Have Nokia, will shoot(and get 15 nano seconds of yellow fame!)
Enough of this brouhaha though, says a friend. Let’s direct the spotlight back to us – The People.
How are we doing? Suddenly the whole “India Poised”(or whichever verb is in fashion this year) seems like a helium balloon punctured by its own delusion. We are NOT ready, We never were.
Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore – every single metro has had its tryst with terrorism. The bureaucracy and the government couldn’t bother to reign in the threat primarily coz they were too busy browsing brochures for newer models of cars they’d trade in their ambassadors for. The manly men of the police force are too busy arresting hapless young women who have to parade themselves half naked in order to be so much as considered for justice. Pot-bellied khaki nincompoops want to preserve our “traditionality”* since thats a bigger threat to human existence than some fundamentalist groups trying to blow up the whole damned country. In other words no measure was/is installed to help avoid such a complete and utter waste of human life(except maybe bag-checking counters at the malls outside my office and they get by just quickly molesting our haversacks).
But let’s focus on that word we so callously threw around earlier- Waste.
Thats the word. Waste. We’re so often than not wasted in this country. Life is of no consequence to anyone, including those who own it. Why do we sit here and take it year after year after another screwed up year? With floods, bombs, riots slowly constructing a steady tornado of  complete extermination do we really buy Mr Bachchan’s gloriously faulted musings on an equally faulted bridge, about an India so conspicuous by its own absence?
Noone talks coz noone wants to talk. Its easier to grit your teeth and then shut your mouth, permanently. Its been made into a habit, this lack of courage.
Its hardwired inside of us – not to oppose, not to question, not to separate. Ourselves from the herds marking their territory in our own country. Gandhigiri may not solve this one so its time we considered other, more exacting options.
I don’t want you just condemning these attacks. Its not enough, it never was. Do something. Show me something thats concrete and tangible. A proof of action that you are doing something bout protecting innocent lives that can possibly be snuffed out in the blink of an eye because we just didn’t care enough.

* *Unintentional Alliteration.

*I read that in the Letters to the Editor section of a famed national daily. I think it is that bastard child resulting from some serious inbreding between traditional dic(k)tats and morality as defined in the sub-continent. Perhaps.


~ by iconoplastic on August 27, 2007.

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