Moving On

At the starting of the week
At summit talks you’ll hear them speak
It’s only Monday
Negotiations breaking down
See those leaders start to frown
It’s sword and gun day
Tomorrow never comes until it’s too late

We might be going into election season again. Cheerios my political pompadours!
Much needed crassiness awaits with the Left going ..”Eh..right!” has left Mr Singh searching every “nuke” and corner for additional support. (I’m channeling Bachi Karkaria right this moment and its not entirely a pleasant thing.)

But the important news is that I am doing amazingly well.
I bought things and I feel more content and happier now than I have been in a very long time. Perhaps ever in my life.

“Estamos en Salsa” is pimpin’ my ride and I am not exactly struggling to rid myself of the assumed bleakness caused by assumed sorrow brought on by an assumed form of really dysfunctional love. To flog a dead quagga, I add ‘fun’ to dysfunctional. Yikkes!

Believe what you may mi tortilla crumbs, Love ain’t enough but Vodka is. So get us some lemons and if can, a few strippers in man-thongs on the side and we will not shriek in frighteningly exasperated tones of “What good is this life for?”. Life will be as cheery as Ibiza seen through the eyes of a 15 yr old hormonally exploding teen. 

In the light of new found cynicism, I now,also, wholeheartedly support the Saffron brigade in its quest to trample upon any of St Valentine’s disciples. Romance is as overrated as Sienna Miller’s fashion sense and shiny lady boxers be damned if I want to see another stuffed teddy bear or sport another crimson rose. Call me a bitter critter for all I can care. Literally.

Replacements galore. So, I did exactly that and bought myself the following.

  • One gorgeous dupatta in ethnic print.(Ethnic somehow always reminds of race issues and June Carter. Odd. What would she say bout my pathetic state of existence last night?)
  • A Guide to changing the world. And also learning how to do the laundry along the way.
  • More of Bill Bryson.(All you sheep screwing snobs can, well, screw sheeps if you dont like him.)
  • A pocketbook Bhagwat Gita to read while rickshawing my way across unmentionable destinations and also to act as a protective shield from all the modern day Indian descendents of Hermes and Aphrodite at traffic signals. (They dont ask me for money but insist upon touching my hair and sometimes my nose while wondering if I have Dairymilk on me. Candy, that is.)

I wonder if I’d ever get to visit Antigua. Its one of the first names on any list when you are checking any destination list for travel.


~ by iconoplastic on August 20, 2007.

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