My wish is your command…Not

Apparently I am the Indian incarnate of Nefertiti. This may not entirely be  a good thing in the light of the recent discovery that Cleopatra wasn’t exactly as exotic as she is made out to be. Hence, I am inclined not to consider that aforementioned remark as a compliment.


p.s. : A completely useless post, I agree.


~ by iconoplastic on April 18, 2007.

5 Responses to “My wish is your command…Not”

  1. She said her name was ..Paradise
    Thats what she said to me
    She said ..Paradise
    Thats what she said it would be
    Cuz she, the finest woman that ive ever did seen
    And not to mention how she looked in them jeans

    She said her name was …Paradise
    Thats what she said to me
    She said ….Paradise
    Thats what she said it would be
    Cuz she was, the definition of a ghetto queen
    And you should see that apple bottom in jeans

    I met her on a sunday, one day
    She walkin down the runway
    So fine what the fuck im gon say
    And i just sit patiently just waiting my turn
    Waiting for my perfect chance so i can spit out my words
    I think she openly spokenly damn i hope she notices me
    Hopefully she go for me…
    So she on the boat with me
    And ima take her places she can never imagine
    Like water ski’in in costa rica
    With snow mobiling in aspen
    She prefer the cold
    Winter, snow
    And does she like tropical
    Am i dreamin let me know
    Tell me is it possible
    That i could be the one she in search for a man
    And she could be that one that end my search for romance
    No time to slack now, act now, ima bout to crack now, i put my rap down, mack down,
    Aint no turning back now
    I got the this feeling that she feelin the same
    About to end these feeling games and just ask her her name

    What say you now?

    I am sorry but I couldn’t resist. Don’t kill me for the trollery!

  2. Hahahahahaha….

    You plagiarist!!
    I won’t kill ya …3 hours of kickboxing and my killer instinct is ..well..flaccid!!
    Can ya send me this song?
    ..oh..and BE is the way to go..

  3. Who got moves?

    Say Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!

  4. I got wiles.

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