Whats worse than mindless violence is the fact that this incident will now fuel significant diatribe on innumerable right wing moralist websites who are already speculating as to how did the campus have so many Asian students. (Half of the students were of Asian origin)

Plus there will be unnecessary talk about “enemies” infiltrating into the US and killing “our” people. I have seen it on multiple websites in the last couple of hours. People  debating for and against gun control will spin this horrific tragedy to their convenience and advantage. And of course its better to criticize a bunch of foreign students who flood US primarily because of the recurrent chanting and overselling of the so-called “American Dream” ; than to check why is it that the violence quotient is so high in that particular country. Everyone is carping bout “jihad”, “Paki killers” “violent muslim/asian immigrants” “generation Disturbed” yada yada yada. Noone is discussing as to why exactly are students driven to such despicable acts of annihiliation and destruction and why isn’t there sufficient help available to stop it before it balloons into something so entirely hideous. 

Its ridiculous that the worst of tragedies can so easily be obscured by vain political campaigning and irrelevant blame-game. Why can’t we just observe a moment’s silence for those who died in this unfortunate event and wish peace for their families and loved ones?

That would be more meaningful. Mourning death with hate is hardly the respect they deserve.

Minal Panchal, a Masters student from Bombay, is missing as well..
Updated : Minal Panchal has been confirmed dead in the VT shootout.. Sigh.


~ by iconoplastic on April 17, 2007.

One Response to “R.I.P”

  1. Its tremendeously tragic an event. However, I disagree with the media coloring it all shades of ethnic and that smacks of absolute bullshit. Peace for those lost their lives and their loved ones in this one.
    You are right. Extremely sad..

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