Hold your glass up

On my mind : Recondita armonia, Tosca – Giacomo Puccini

No one could possibly understand the depths of you. But you presume to know everything about me because you saw a painting of mine, and you ripped my fucking life apart. You’re an orphan right? ”
You think I know the first thing about how hard your life has been, how you feel, who you are, because I read Oliver Twist? Does that encapsulate you? Personally… I don’t give a shit about all that, because you know what, I can’t learn anything from you, I can’t read in some fuckin’ book. Unless you want to talk about you, who you are. Then I’m fascinated. I’m in. But you don’t want to do that do you sport? You’re terrified of what you might say. Your move, chief.

Sometimes they are right on the money, these Hollywood guys. Nothing unbelievably brilliant occured between yesterday and today. Not that I had expected it to but sometimes you kind of hope for a falling meteor to bitch slap its way through your own apartment block, just to make life a little more interesting.
Scorching heat only made marginally bearable by an unlimited supply of fresh lemonade and really tiny clothes. Apparently, I have wiles and this was conveyed through a hideously designed text graphic where the animation added to its repulsion quotient. Last night’s most exciting hour wasn’t the one where 3 absolutely cranked up in the head persons tried to cross an entirely empty road in a little over an hour, after two of them had guzzled half a bottle of the Green Faery but the one where they tried to solve a Sudoku puzzle in a dingy club, after downing the remanant of the liquid. The incendiary writer from LA was in town. Machine (yes, thats his own chosen moniker coz I would never deign that fit) flies around the 4×4 enclosure like a tornado on speed trying to work the permutations and the  boy can drink an entire city to oblivion!

 My own firm no-alcohol-more-chocolate policy in place, I did manage a gentle sip of Bohemian Absinthe. Now I think that I am going to Prague once I am backfrom this trip, if only to just comprehend how do they make something so bizzare. Fire in the hole takes a new meaning here!
No Drinking for another 10 years.
Off to Ko Samui/Phangnan and will try to include the (in)famous Thai massage somewhere in that itinerary. Till then, I am sure my 3 and a half readers won’t miss the syntax compromised gibberish daintly diguised as a genuine blog, much.
Such is the the life of the Single Brown Backpacker Girl.(Stress: Single)

The Question:

And I was merely a mute observer while this transpired.

“You are ..*drunken silence*…You are ..*more drunken silence*…..”
“Are you aiming for a spiritual breakthrough here?”

Why do I know these people?


~ by iconoplastic on March 24, 2007.

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  1. Very nice this blog =)

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