Ho Hum..


Garden State has an excellent soundtrack and I have no idea why I’ve only just realized it .

In other important news, the coach for Pakistan’s cricket squad committed suicide. I am almost tempted to make some kind of terrible and politically incorrect joke about the situation. The only reason I shall refrain from doing so is that I don’t understand cricketing politics and also because I am not feeling too smart today.

And yes, something about the value of human life etc.

A couple of days ago I had chanced upon an article about a man willing to part with his kidneys if somebody paid him sufficiently. All of this brouhaha just to ensure that he could fly off to the Carribean to watch the World Cup- up close and personal. After India’s performance though, I am sure he is glad he saved his kidneys for something important, like say, filtering his urine and avoiding early renal failure etc. Now I am fairly divided about this particular issue because it weaves three significant topics into one, traveling, organ-selling and cricket. Ok, so actually its two significant topics, travelling and cricket. Frankly I would be lying if I said that I haven’t actually considered the thought of exchanging my own internal organs in lieu of a plane ticket to say, Syria or The Netherlands. However, I don’t quite understand, I won’t say agree coz its a harsh word, this fantascism that surrounds the sport. If in fact it can be called a sport at all. It is a lazy game that essentially allows those kids, who are too sissy or stupid, to indulge in an actual field sport(read: soccer) their moment in the sun. I am sure atleast 2 billion around the world and atleast a thousand advertising nincompoops disagree with me because every isle at every supermart has a smiling Sachin selling me everything, from microwaves to pens.

Anyway now that we have digressed, can someone please explain why is it that companies offer lifetime supply cards for free service to celebrities(if Jennifer Hudson can be called that). She can afford to pay now, you daft cows. If you want to play Santa, atleast choose your target audience well!

Btw, did you realize that Jennifer Hudson is like cricket. A supposed celebrity but not quite.


Dear Life,

Hit me one more time.


Dour-faced Me.

p.s. : I hope He is miserable. At least he deserves to be.


~ by iconoplastic on March 19, 2007.

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