Drop the leash

Note to Self – Must not write vindicative posts bout insipid boys and instead find better(read: nastier) ways of getting back at them.

Updated : Backpacking buddy needed fromthe 23rd of March and till the 23rd of April. I have one and I need one more. Hit me  — nihilistwaffles [at] gmail


~ by iconoplastic on March 14, 2007.

3 Responses to “Drop the leash”

  1. Oi.. Simple and funny and touching. Happens to all of us but I doubt if I could write about it so well.
    I guess letting out a good scream and a large Haagen Das would help?
    ; )
    You are going to be fine. Just don’t think about this loser too much.

  2. You know, I can laugh about it now but then I was walking felt the edge of insanity for no apparent reason. Yes, the feeling of liberation is brilliant and so is the ice-cream bucket!!
    I think am good and ready for change.
    What say you?


  3. Where are you backpacking to?


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