God, Work and Atheism

I discovered Knietic Stereokids and am currently enjoying the delicious absurdity that is “Barefoot in rains”. Excellent sample.

That’s what I ve been doing besides working. Listening to hella good music and feeding the literary fires by dropping almost half of my monthly salary at the snazziest bookstore in the suburbia. And there are The Movies. Lots and Lots of them, though somehow I am stuck repeating “Crash” and “Hotel Rwanda” on most nights when am back home from work. Much to my chagrin, I can’t watch movies piecemeal anymore and instead have become habituated to shot-wise dissection, magnifying camera-angle flaws and what can only be called an amateur’s analysis of screenplays/dialogue writing.

Reading wise, have bitten into equal amounts of Craig Brown, anthology of Pope, J T Leroy. One’s done, 2 to go. Wish me luck!

Life is extra-ordinarily commonplace. Yes, you read that right and no you can’t blame me for that kind of language abuse. I am not entirely responsible for the damnation that my language has suffered the last few days. As always, I blame my profession. We are amidst developing training material/module to weed out Indianisms/redundancies/syntactical errors so readily spouted by our unsuspecting trainees’. As a result I have been saying things like “short summary” and “we the localites” quite regularly.

After what seemed like an entire century fitted into a day, we finally left for home. At midnite. Irony is the ruling Goddess around here.

“We have been working for 15 hours straight, this kind of torture can either lead to us  to atheism or turn us into religious fanatics beyond imagination. Since, I alread am an atheist, I think I might finally begin to feed milk to the Pantheon on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.”

And on my way I will also pickup a marigold garland, just incase I encounter a lactose intolerant God.


~ by iconoplastic on March 13, 2007.

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