State of Life

I’ve seen the path
the one you take
shows the truth
for you to make
This turn of phrase
we might not see
is the thirst of desire
found so easily

Try to push me ’round
the world some more
And make me live in fear
I bare all that I am
made of now
Attractive I don’t care
‘Cause even when I danced with life
no one was there to share

Tried to live the life
you live and saw
It doesn’t work for me
I bare all that I am
made of now
Attractive, I can’t be
Inside the Dance of Life is one
I’ll never hold to me

Caught in a Web
Refused by the world
Hanging on by a thread
Spinning a cage
Denied and misread


~ by iconoplastic on February 20, 2007.

4 Responses to “State of Life”

  1. The distance is unfair. It really is.

  2. hi..sorry about the dc and then got some bad news..
    have given up on the most levels now…the fight in the dog is dead
    am tired…more than i ve ever’s going haywire…i guess.but i dont want to do anything about it …
    btw you were right about him…he turned out exactly the way you had predicted..
    sad state of affairs…counting months before i break free…

  3. on*

  4. Live and learn sort of thing would apply here.
    Don’t waste any more time with that nonsense.

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