Cease to Exist


~ by iconoplastic on December 19, 2006.

4 Responses to “Cease to Exist”

  1. You don’t answer mails and phone calls and its a little frustrating tracking you down on a regular day. So, WE(the collective) have decided to talk to you here. This page, I am sure, you check regularly. I am writing this on Everyone’s behalf.

    We miss You.

    Sorely. Terribly. Frequently. I am writing this after a lot of thought.

    We miss Schezi. We miss the chocolate laughter of her voice. We miss the girl who could actually dance in the rain, Shanghai or New York of no consequence. We miss the Schezi who can salsa on top of tables without a care in the world. The Schezi who could arm-wrestle the bouncers at illest of clubs. We miss the Schezi who went into a trance just smelling java beans. We miss her and the torn leather jacket. We also miss the girl who called me up in the middle of the night and took me for a walk in a supposedly haunted forest to find “druids” and “elves” and no she wasn’t stoned. We miss the pixie cut devil woman who fooled people into believing that she was a santoria priestess. We miss the Schezi who jumped on beds head banging to Sex Pistols till the springs gave way. We miss the Schezi who would know the cheapest of places for the best of things. We miss the Schezi of the uncoolest Indian accent haggling for veggies in a supermarket. Schezi who brought people caramel custard and puddings by a truckload when they felt lost and lonely. The Schezi who beat illness and grief to become who she is today. The woman who could argue and debate everything under the sun from the Strings Theory to Hegel and Marx.

    We miss her and want her back.

    What do you lack, my dear?
    Courage?? Beauty?? Intelligence?? Charm??
    Nothing I say!
    And you choose to wallow in self pity for a fucking boy, yes, a BOY!(I want to break his fucking neck btw and someday I probably will!). A boy you don’t love for sure. I am informing you. Do you need this nonsense in your life? No.
    Better is expected from you. It always was. Don’t let mediocre crap around you affect you so much. I won’t sympathize or empathize. You are too fucking good for that. Take my word for it.

    Just want you to know there are people who care for you immensely and driving them away doesn’t help.

    Own the world. You are meant to do that.

    Love and Hugs.


  2. eeee….pliss dont be mad saar..did you speak with the peeps?
    thank ye for the lovely write up..told ye ..think bout blogging seriously but you wont..see…you have what it takes to make people cry! 😛
    the phone’s developed a mind of its own..mebbe my libertine viewpoint has rubbed off on it..who knows..sigh…
    am taking a few days off from work and analyzing things..and no am not wallowing in self pity anymore..and screw the Boy…or ..actually..don’t!!
    eggjams are closing in and god ..did you hv to remind me of Marx..my enemy for life..i regret taking up economics again..
    am mailing you ..and am alive and breathing on gtalk…so there?
    and pliss be cuddling more
    much as i hate smileys!

  3. All that I see is that we live in life
    Did you fail when you found that you paid the price?
    Hope it wasn’t lost in an honest truth
    so, the past doesn’t break all that we’d been through
    Every little thing what you did was right
    but, who knows what you did on that day you cried endlessly
    Oh you cried endlessly

    Take a message from my love

    What could I say to you?
    Oh, when making the waves was left unconscious
    I didn’t mean to tell you why. oh why?
    But you harbored all defenses
    And you’re making it hard to bring that hope back for you and I

    Do you know what he said about this song?
    It’s for a girl with a pure heart and soul…I think I know someone like that. Take care of yourself senorita.

  4. hmmmm..i was listening to that…long time ..unfortunately that song is hardly ever played in my corner…now…this girl u talk of …would i happen to know her??…hehehe..
    thanks for the message and the card and everything in between…i am just in a switch-off zone..but dont let that fool you..i still carry the razors..sharp ones too… *winks*..

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