Coming back…

“What are you?” she asked.

“A complete disaster,” he said.

Can we work it out?


~ by iconoplastic on November 21, 2006.

2 Responses to “Coming back…”

  1. But She always works things out, doesn’t She?
    And He is always a wreck, isn’t He?
    Unless She is being usurped by the tempest of Anger. Which occurs quite frequently these days.
    Read and respond to my email. It’s important. Communication often is.

    I know it’s a bad idea borrowing from alternative bands and posting their lyrics on a “nihilist’s” blog. And yet I can’t resist the temptation to irk you just a little more. Here goes..

    I hold an image of the ashtray girl
    of cigarette burns on my chest
    I wrote a poem that described her world
    That put our friendship to a test
    And late at night Whilst on all fours
    She used to watch me kiss the floor
    What’s wrong with this picture

    Farewell the ashtray girl
    Forbidden snowflake
    Beware this troubled world
    Watch out for earthquakes
    Goodbye to open sores
    To broken centrefolds
    you know we miss her
    we miss her picture

    — You have been missed. Thoroughly.–

  2. I can almost hear the slightly mocking voice(even if in my head)…I was playing Bill Withers and feeling hopelessly nostalagic earlier during the day. I DID respond to the mail. Communication is my profession..remember?
    Blame me?

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