No Blogs

..for while.

If I must condescend to acute self reverence, then, I must start a cult or join the Republicans.  Since narcissism is the only plausible explanation for the existence of this blog, I shall suspend all blogging activities for a while. A while- def : A relative not absolute period in time where I discover a greater spiritual truth to blogging.

Social and political issues are being tackled and written about in “real”life instead of misguided virtual synaptic missiles. The trouble with blogs is, they amass too many clueless literature grads/soon-to-be literature grads/techsters writing bout things that are of no significance to the gen pop. I belong to atleast two of those aforementioned categories and my political leanings or my psychizphrenia doesn’t make things any more rosy. Hence, I shall resume posting when I achieve a certain minimum clarity about my blogging agenda.


I am going back to teaching communication skills, English and successful catapulting of raw duck eggs into the adjacent balcony, to my unsuspecting delegates/trainees.


~ by iconoplastic on November 10, 2006.

2 Responses to “No Blogs”

  1. mein gott woman! so much love coming out!! too much to handle.. admit it.. u just cant stay away from the United Blogs of Mentalia!
    the day one has to blog to say that one will not blog.. sigh..

  2. young norweigan are to forever burn in the soft fuchsia hues of Our Lady of Pink.

    Go back to figures of speech!
    next stop – oxy-moron!

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