I have been tagged. I am thinking of something brilliant. Unlike most natural writers, I have to try. Wait, it will bear fruit.

Cut to now.

What has feminism taught me?

Its taught me that I don’t need to be apologetic about who or what I am, who or what I want and who or what I deserve. Also, the best way to birth control is not prayers or a secret confession post the Sunday mass but contraception. And, thats not a bad word.

There is no fairer sex like there is no Third World. There is the tougher-than-you-coz-they-can-bear-your-babies-and-run-your-corporates-better-than-you sex, yes.

That I am complete without aiming for perfection whether that of glowing skin from my face to my ass or marriage.

Color is not a factor. Voice is.  And, its always Active. Politically and Socially and Personally.

My “female” organs do not need a steel cage ora ridiculous piece of fetish clothing in order to retain my modesty. They(and I) are allowed breathing space.

I tag the Brit Nit Wit.


~ by iconoplastic on October 10, 2006.

3 Responses to “Memed”

  1. Funny. Articulate. Refreshing.
    Viva Le Revolution
    Come to think of it, the post is a lot like you.

  2. Erm…I don’t blog there Priestess 🙂

  3. so give me the addie for your non smutty blog, no?

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