Come On!

Despite  this seemingly dazzlingly(shut up!) oblique analysis about arousal or lack of it in the two of the more significant genders – male and female- the Wafting Daftness(a boy) and I are in stark disagreement over who gets turned on first while watching Tarkan jiggle his groove thang and “bounce” on and off unbelievably bright dance floors. We, of course, are the incorrect subset for an experiment of such intellectual/scientific  magnitude  and undertaking since we sway both ways. However, we would have liked to volunteer for such significant trialing even if just to have a scientist measures..err.. our respective body temperature. Thermal Imaging is so hot. Seriously, no puns.

So, did they go bleached or shaved?

And, thank you for the good work. Now, the Ice-Queen Cometh too.

p.s.: the accompanying picture in the article is supposed to serve a(the) purpose?

Meanwhile…this could have been a better and a more well received picture.
The poster boy for Middle eastern inquistion adorns my walls and more.

A trouser-writhing/skirt-fluttering device of pure unadulterated Saexx(as my trainees with impeccably impeccable monothongs would enunciate).

God Bless Turkey and its export/s sector.


~ by iconoplastic on October 4, 2006.

2 Responses to “Come On!”

  1. I think I ve reached my boiling point.

    btw *brilliantbrilliantbrilliant* post.

  2. Thankyou thankyou thankyou for introducing me to Tarkan. So charming (question: doesn’t he ever bare his Turkish delights to the world?)

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