The Weak End

Things of irreverent significance

I actually danced the Dandiya and no one died of a brutally stomped foot or a stick in the eye.
A snippet.

Sequined Mic Lady- SML
Hideously bejeweled Me – HBM

SML: “Why aren’t you on the floor?” *pointing towards Mother and I*
HBM: “We each have an ailment, she has arthritis”
SML: “And you?”
HBM: “I have a mental block.”


The first facial in 2 months soon morphed into a torture session worse than those suffered by Guantanamo detainees. If you think cross border infiltration is a matter of extreme care and tact, try blackhead removal! (I don’t mean to be asinine here but you can’t talk till Nano’s team of facial terrorists exfoliates you.)

My apathy for the written word was conquered within the 5 minutes of meeting the visually impaired language trainer we intend to hire for the business unit. An extraordinary tale needs to be narrated and it will be, in the forthcoming weeks.

There is no possibility of finding a mating partner at work – they are all gay or awaiting oncoming gay-ness.

Thank you for listening to that appalling rant.

Reading: Jean Genet’s “The Blacks”.


~ by iconoplastic on October 1, 2006.

2 Responses to “The Weak End”

  1. “…all gay or awaiting oncoming gay-ness” … .hahahahaha .. brilliant.

  2. but that is the whole truth…they are all sway-able albeit in the right kind of breeze

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