Dear blogger, You are an idiot

One shobha saxena(acclaimed feminist as per my limited and sleep-induced research) has penned a rather bitter diatribe about the instant rise of blogoverse in India and across the world as the unreal and inequitable challenger to mainstream journalism. I don’t know her. I wouldn’t want to know her however if I ever ran into her at a feminazi meeting I would be polite to her. She is an accredited journalist, I am sure of that. She possesses the same amount of finesse that most TOI scribes do. Which is slim to none.
In a rather denigrating manner, she manages to rubbish most of blogger as a subvert establishment (society?!) embowering mindless twats spitting equally mindless tripe.
Her dislike for most things virtual can only lead to one logical conclusion- she has been the victim of cyber dating or maybe a marital website scheme early on. Only matters of the heart gone awry can inspire such vendetta.
Anyway, she has made one thing very clear – people like me are perilous to the hegemony that is straitlaced media. Some power, that. I partially agree with her though. A lot of unnecessary garbage is often peddled as class A decorative article for the purpose of enticing innocent readers. That’s what bloggers do, don’t they? My gloomy roomie interjects at this point with “But..doesn’t TOI do that too”?”. Ignore her ignorance, Mz Saxena She is a twat too. She deserves to be eradicated, much like these petulant bloggers who seek to change the world with a mouse-click.
Mz Saxena is right, most anon bloggers have no clue what is it like watching the “militia battle the military(ad verbatim)”- you need to experience in order to critique or comment. I mean, how can I write about the abomination of, say, sexual harassment or rape, till I have experienced it. Right?
Which means that since I am not Caroline Moorehead, I don’t get to write about the Lost Boys of Cairo, because what the fuck would I know?
I am just a misguided 23 year old who slogs at a tedious pace at a drab job on most days because she needs to pay the rent and yet often pretends to care about social issues that may or may not affect her directly.

Dammit, I get Mz Saxena’s emo! People like me have no business talking bout Greenspan or global warming because we didn’t insist on spending 2 years and 6 semesters in a dilapidated college room learning “plugs” and “subs” and “hooks” and we are not credible watchdogs, nay, journalists. And, social revolutions, as we all know are the prime domain of that one elusive breed. What is that word am looking for??…Eh’ – Messianic Complex?

Yes, its people like who make people like her rip to shreds other people like me who publish online!!

p.s.: *Sheepish grin* – I did manage that first year at the dilapidated college room, rickety conscience et al.


~ by iconoplastic on October 1, 2006.

One Response to “Dear blogger, You are an idiot”

  1. Did anyone tell you that you are super-brilliant??

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