1000 miles in the wrong lane

Listening to “Like a Stone”, living without pretenses, hopefully.

So many things to take care of, so many brittle bonds that went break, so many unforgiving words thrown between friends who stand on the opposite of a wanton river. Nothing could change. Everything did.

Pending decisions, application forms and a whole life. What will this bring? The relocation is an open sore; I can sense the oncoming emptiness. Even if stays for a day or a week – it will rearrange everything else. Strange, something as hollow as that is often allowed so much power to twist and turn around everything else.

I am still faithless. I am still a believer of karma. They can’t converge in my scheme of things. Karma is not my faith it’s my observation. Its not enough for me when am lying shaken in my bed, awaiting something/someone to tell me that, things have a way of turning out right.

Karma is not devoid of logic. Then again, what in my world is?

This is the delicious dichotomy, that I must tread the well-laid path of logic even as I repent having chosen it over and over again and when I am allowed my leeway, I suffocate in its absence.

Then, I think.

At 23- this stage of existence is over.


~ by iconoplastic on September 25, 2006.

2 Responses to “1000 miles in the wrong lane”

  1. There will be bigger famines to endure, greater feasts to lay waste.


  2. That am sure of ..

    “I will therefore let flame from me the burning fires that were threatening to consume me”

    Gish, such delusions of grandeur I have!

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