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One of the reasons you would like New York is its excellent “drama”scene(puns(if you can find any) intended). Brackets within brackets indicate the uselessness of this post. Anywho, since east broadway has been replaced by east bandra, we must make do with whatever little theatrical experience this city has to proffer by way of feeble adaptations of equally feeble playwrights’ works.

Snap out of the bitch-rant mood!

Snapped.. where were we?

Yes, I am looking for an intoxicatingly sulking and hence adorable, and equally unsuccessful director to be at the helm of an Indianised version of Cymbeline or even The Misanthrope, personally I believe Moliere’s most deliciously accurate play can serve such an exciting juxtaposition for the Page 3 “existentialists”. Ahem!

Oh! And I finally got around to watching The Sweet Hereafter. Crushing. Beguiling.

When shall we, if at all, ever get there? And yes, I have no socio-political rage charging through my thinning veins right at this moment so I shall refrain from syllogisms of all sorts.
So..dear reader..
Thanks for not extorting much out of me. You are my perfect relationship.


~ by iconoplastic on September 8, 2006.

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