Not such a veggie delight

A paradigm shift, as God would have it. I feel safe in Mumbai. I feel safe because on my way to work, Uni or to sometimes even pee at my own workplace, I am subjected to incessant security checks that remind me of all the “safety” that threatens to engulf and smother me and though some might refer to this as a humiliating attack on personal freedom, I disagree. I say those people must be placed in front of a police shooting squad for some casual target practice.

I have heard people crib about the police force in the city. They make utterly juvenile comments about how the task force is incompetent and a bleeding waste of taxpayer’s money, or that not one policeman was seen at the sites right after the bomb blasts, all I can say to such elitist nincompoops is, you can waste your time in pointless doctrinaire arguments even as the “real men” are saving our city from real terror like vendors.


Well, unbeknownst to the average public the city’s underbelly embowers a deadly vegetable racket that threatens to destroy the very emotional and social fabric of this great metro. People are up in arms against the supposedly “brutal” beating of a deprived(or is it depraved??..hmmm) vegetable seller. Some claim that third degree torture was meted out to the man. Well, amidst such allegations the truth tends to get skewered. In order to analyze the situation we need to delve deeper and dig further.

In the aftermath of 7/11 rather imprudent statements have been made about the apathy of the state government and state police force. Now, when the cops manage to do some good work we are still splitting nails,

Take a good look at the man, doesn’t he smack of potential terrorism or maybe just a plain criminal demeanor peeks at your from his skeletal persona, today he sells fusty spinach but tomorrow he might start selling fresh hate or maybe even manufacture bombs. Following this thread, I often wonder as to how does one create the ultimate sociopath. By alienation, by lopsided social treatment, by rampant discrimination and by creating a general sense of disillusion about the state of affairs. When the System fails you, you desperately want to fail the system too. It’s human to seek revenge. Actually its primal but then I can’t go back on that coz then I would have a moot point. That’s when some zealot marches in on the horse of religious perversity and “saves” the thus discarded soul and utilizes it for ethnic cleansing of any sort. Is that how it works?


God, I think I have been indoctrinated by the Liberal Media. I must’ve been out of my mind there. Brief moment of insanity coz I know thats not how it works. Criminals and terrorists actually are created behind the weighing scales of vegetable mounds or so it seems. Ergo, the policemen are doing us a favor by recognizing these latent threats to mankind and beating them seneseless before anything untoward occurs. Like a damaging leek or a return of the killer tomatoes. So,thank them you ungrateful bastards and stop chanting bout how 7/11 investigation is still in a limbo. We will get there, one badly bruised vegetable vendor at a time.


~ by iconoplastic on September 1, 2006.

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