Macaca Madness

The un-edited version of Senator George Allen’s apology – Its never too late to know the whole truth.

“Alright, I apologize to that immigrant kid, yeah – the brown one, whats his name?? I guess its not Macaca. Or is it Mango Milkshake? But he doesn’t look that yellow to me. Nevermind that. What I want to say is that it was unintentional. entirely so. I must have had a bad day. Maybe one of these oily, illegal immigrants snatched my twinkie and I couldn’t find the gun Charleston Heston gifted me on my birthday. Anyway, I will say it again – it was unintentional or better still “it was unintentional”(affecting the Appu accent). See, see I am a funny guy and I am compassionate too. I will often go to these 7/11s and buy a pack of gums and then sometimes I try to pet the owner’s back coz I saw it on Discovery that most monkeys like it, but these unfriendly dotheads get all angry and stuff.

So let me clarify once and for all – It was unintentional. UNINTENTIONAL. I hope those illiterate aliens understand the meaning of that word, dammit, I told my press secretary to use simpler words. Also I have noticed how they are raking my past associations  and thats not a big deal really. That was just some good ole white men trying to warn a clueless nation about the virtues of miscegenation and the evil of progressive thought. We were just gathering hate and guns against these ragheads and sand n—-s polluting our pure American land. We need to find our way to indulge in a little action now and then especially since Civil War killed most of the fun for us.

Now they tell me not to expect any curry favors in the future. What does that mean? So can or can’t I order Indian takeway and then spit in the face of the delivery boy. Wish someone would clarify that for me.

Anywho, once again, let me state – It was all unintentional. Like my attending the 1996 meeting of the “Conservative Political Action Conference”.

Here’s to White Power. Oh! and yes please listen to this girl band called Prussian Blue. They are really nice.

Have a nice day. Towelheads included.”


~ by iconoplastic on August 30, 2006.

2 Responses to “Macaca Madness”

  1. Do you have any reports about Sen. Robert Byrd’s (D-WV) past? As you may or may not know, Byrd was deeply involved in the Ku Klux Klan. As yet, thought, I have seen no reports on this Senator and his “possible” racism.

  2. Possible racism – unintentionally funny and nausea inducing btw.
    Byrd was the “Kleagle”(godawful name!) for a considerable time. There are published reports as well as as letter(ref: Graham Smith) where he makes his racial agenda more than clear. All of this, of course, was in his early to late 20s and he did give up the racist cause in favor of a juicy political career.

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