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 We are being subjected to incessant checks on our way to work. This potential-terrorism thwarting measure must be a long term plan because its not yielded any results as of now. Bomb scares are not uncommon these days. Some hoaxes and some frivolous attempts to garner attention. Each more unsuccessful than the other except that its got the security at Raheja Complex all riled up. It’s a remarkable exercise in surveillance techniques though – Open rickshaws are not allowed but cars with tinted windows are fine. Its quite promising an idea that a terrorist-in-waiting is atleast economically not as dysfunctional as he might be, socially. So anyone who spends close to 10lacs on buying RDX will ideally not arrange for a more comfortable and certainly less obvious vehicle for transporting it to the desired location. Bag checks are less tricky and slightly more taxing on the security’s physical prowess. The lady at the office’s gate casually molests my haversack while rattling sly Marathi innuendos in her male counterpart’s direction. How did she decide that I wasn’t transferring explosives without actually looking inside the bag? Telepathy, perhaps? That’s how the security forces work in this country anyway.


~ by iconoplastic on August 23, 2006.

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