Ungläubiger Fernsehapparat!

According to wikipedia

India: officially the The Republic of India (Hindi: भारत), is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by geographical area, the second most populous country, and the largest liberal democracy in the world.

Do you see that itallicised phrase? Apparently we are a “liberal democracy” and yet we are not allowed to choose our TV shows lest they are ridden with unsightly adult content that will damage our collective psyche. Since yesterday most Mumbaites have been left staring at darkened screens of their TV sets becuase the cops and the cable operators are at loggerheads with the “content” being displayed by the cable channels. Am I foaming at the mouth? Not exactly, I am glad in parts since this means I can get a lot of reading done. However this rather irksome situation has made itself worthy of atleast one misguided post. This, I believe, is  the advent of television McCarthyism in India and it shall mete out justice to those impure western infidels corrupting our pure ethnic minds. The list of banned channels includes Disney TV and CN. Yes, you got it right- those clay puppets and their spongy sidekicks must inspire much moral debauchery in a kid’s mind. Most Hindi channels have been left untouched though, 5 marriages, 17 illegitimate kids and 14 extra-marital affairs don’t construct any ethical damage whatsoever.

This country is forever treading the duplicitous path of morality and materialism. So now, since we can’t decide whats kosher and whats not for nourshing our cultural values(itallicised, again) we stop eating altogether. Also, since we can’t decide which direction our moral compass must point to, we have decided to stop navigating altogether.

Don’t discover, don’t debate just secede. Now, all our TV sets have gone dark and it would quite a funny situation if not such a pathetic irony, suggestive and also indicative of the times that we live in. What insane explanation by way of limited information can be proffered for such incredibly buffonery? Don’t hold hands in public, don’t hug someone, don’t watch Oprah on Star World. Those things corrode your moral fibre and just might loosen that chastity belt across your mighty Indian crotch.

Hitler would be so proud of our Brown Aryan status. Alternatively we are doing Al Qaeda great service by not leching at those bikini clad western supemodels. We should restrict leching to our local salwar kameez clad lower middle class women making their way home in crowded buses.


~ by iconoplastic on August 22, 2006.

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