The curious incident of the drinking Gods

So, the divine intervention the city seeked has finally arrived in form of sweetened sea water and lactose-tolerant Ganesha idols, one would have preferred it as sudden demolition of the parliament or the local ministers. Anyway, much water has flown under the bridge or out of the sea and into people’s digestive systems. I, for one, find myself swimming the pool of “no concrete opinion”- once again. Faith is meant to be questioned and analyzed and all of that and yet my pure grouse is not that people are supplanting superstitious stories but more the fact that we are moving towards re-creating the medieval ages at such a break-neck speed. Religion is always in need for something tangible to pin its mystic down and there will always be buyers for this kind of propaganda but the fact that something of spiritual significance can be twisted this out of proportion is befuddling to say the least. So, the statues and the figurines started to drink milk, a modern day urban miracle. Wonderful, revel in the enchanting occurrence and not make it into a spicy news story. I sincerely doubt if Buddha would have called NDTV to advertise his gaining of Nirvana or that 20 cops would have guarded Bodhi tree with the kind of lacksdaiscal vigilance that marks everything Indian and official. Its not required, this obsessive flaunting of godliness. God is in no need of amateur PR agents.

In retrospect, the kind of trouble He/She/It has been heaping upon us these last few months, maybe he is.

Till then, cheers and Got Milk??


~ by iconoplastic on August 21, 2006.

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