I got something chrome…

….and I got it from home

Remember that? 

Perhaps the most exciting of times The passage – literally – from one side to the other. The expedition was for a new perspective and I came back with one. Even as the juvenile falsetto of athisweirded out version of “Lapdance” rings inside my ears, I find a new challenge in being alive. The travels and the travails – the visceral awareness of “Coming of Age”. Laughable cheekiness.

I have a lot to say but I am dealing with life, one task at a time. Anyway, the journey and the subsequent stay with the :Bombay Sappers is now circulating in my blood, stories begging to be told. We shall reach there, soon. I write to rid myself of the business of believing too much in life or its consequences. I must be out of my mind. Meanwhile, I pledged to suppress any political afterthoughts and instead of penning immature or paltry diatribe I will now jot down the reflections as an essay. And that’s a promise.

Despite the deluge of violence, unequalled but necessary profanity and plenty of man on man action, Oz has me wherever it desires. I am hunting for the DVD set now. So what aids this combination of Marquez’s book, Bashquiat’s neo-realism and Tobias’s unsuccessful release and my own desperation that has slowly metamorphosed into a toughness and temperament that can take on anything and anyone. Its not the purity of penance or the restoration of lost innocence. But it must feel a lot better than those two combined. It’s the intractable ability of life to carve a Samurai out of you if you allow it time and space. I feel like a Samurai now. I follow the way of the Samurai. That’s the release.


~ by iconoplastic on July 24, 2006.

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