You are not winning this

Why you got to bleed me like that?

Knock me, cut me, kill me like that?

You want to blow me up, into a million pieces

But you fucking fail to see this

That I will always rise

Coz, I am the proverbial phoenix

So when you decide

To gut my pride

To rule and divide

To make them choose a side

To silence my sounds

To push me around

To injure my soul

To burn me whole

To annihilate

To desecrate

To decimate

You should remember the past

And how it couldn’t last

Beyond its 15 seconds of impious limelight

Coz this beast’s growling inside,

And this dog has too much of fight’

To go down like that

Hell, no

Its just readying its stride

So don’t think if it may not

 Or that it might

Coz you know I definitely will

come for your head some night

And I don’t just tried


Never mind those political whores

The sellout clique from the national stores

They may be sucking you, all on their fours

The whole concept of winning votes with gore

But we aren’t buying that nomore

God willing, they too will char to death

It just a matter of time and then some more


We are here today

You can’t deny us

Despite the attempts to fry us

I am back

I am breathing

 I am healing

Despite the fucking splinters

And the acts to hinder

No more can you injure

My spirit, my years

And all that doesn’t belong to you

Despite your attempts to buctcher

Don’t think you are familiar

With my ability to reincarnate

To recreate and regenerate


My system might be flawed

My protectors, all lock jawed

But I am not dying easy

Not ever, not this time

Not by zeal’s disfigured mind

Not by any numbers of fanatics lined

And you think 8 bombs would do it?

You must be out of your mind

All the ammo you can borrow, steal and hide

Will never be enough to raze my shine


………To Everyone

Salam Bombay…..



~ by iconoplastic on July 12, 2006.

2 Responses to “You are not winning this”

  1. wow.

  2. I love this great website. Many thanks

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