Should/Could/Would write an Office Blog

…if I make it alive today!

Crappy Delhi Wannabe is performing slow tango on my disconcerted nerves. Note to self : When suffering from viral fever and amidst performing ill fated professional acrobatics for the Bald Beagle, avoid collaborating with loudmouth dowdy Delhi dumbasses. Cheers on screwy alliteration.

The Project is stewing in its own volume. I feel a little jaded about the fact that I haven’t innovated much on this piece. Innovation, like my escapist father, is hiding somewhere in a rent controlled apartment in Soho. Since I lack the money and the inclination(not to mention official leaves) to drag it by its collar and position it in my dusty Mumbai apartment, I shall operate without it.

1-2-1 with Screwer Superior (Big Boss) and the Flabberjack (new Man In charge) was not an entirely unhappy occasion. Flabby’s girth allowed him limited breathing and hence vocal opportunities(since we speak one exhaled breath) He discussed my one-woman island approach to work and reiterated the concept of a “team” and being a “team player”.

Inner Freud would peg this guy as a partial sadist who prefers sixsomes or larger orgies. He wanted my feedback vis-à-vis my opinion of the organization. Well, I need $360k as my CTC, a condo in Malibu. If can’t offer that then provide Lithium with paper towels in the ladies’ room.

However considering that they might actually not even offer paper towels in a month’s span considering their stingy cost cutting drive, lithium might be a pipe dream.

I am shit tired. My life is conspicuous by absence.

Another day, Another bad project.

Live and shoot your boss.


~ by iconoplastic on June 27, 2006.

One Response to “Should/Could/Would write an Office Blog”

  1. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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