Nothing exciting has occurred yet. A hunk at work who does know

 Last conversation : I think am asexual.

 Reply : A sexual what??


Alas! No chemistry. We are speculating about the existence of UFOs or my life for that matter. I managed to complete a year as an accidental communications expert in the hell hole I call work. Still knee deep in squalor and penury. In between, active proclamations of sharing PCs and coffee mugs and perhaps even toilet paper to cut costs. Remarkable, considering I work for the world’s biggest MNC. Meanwhile, we- The Cherubian and I, are contemplating a work blog to afford scarce self-therapy. Bald Beagle carries forth with illusions that I am a hypocrite primarily coz I refuse to admit my non-existent ardor for him. For my b’day can I get him as the Piñata??…Meanwhile I was in Goa…did I mention that?  Tout Le Monde

Mr Bell and I

The Cottage – Taj Village

The Usual Suspects


~ by iconoplastic on June 27, 2006.

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