The Terror

The origin, the definition and the movement.

Apparently, there is impending "spiritual bankruptcy" facing us. I think, with reference to my current state, its not so much as facing me as throttling me into submission.

Marquis de sade.

yes, thats what i wanted to write about. The whole dworkin debate elsewhere just enticed me to indulge in some comparative reading for Ice and Fire and Juliette. The “moral pornographer” is the most accomplished and perhaps the most complete writer I ‘ve read without external forces acting as my stimuli to understand writing. The french connection is emblematic – The re-igniting of the life long obsession with the French Revolution and maximilien robespierre has been the crucial event of the week. The “left-wing bourgeoisie” has made me reorganize ideologies more vehemently than ever. Incendiary, brilliant, acute and intricate to pigeonhole. Revolution is always difficult to comprehend, I can stalk principles and dogmas by the dozen but I am also susceptible to easy replacement if someone offered me jimmy choos or a nice versace leather jacket in return for my postulations. Extremists intrigue me. French extremists intrigue me even more. This particular one almost tortures me because of the sheer intellectual intensity that was holed in his head. A head that ultimately ended in a wicker basket, after restructuring an entire nation as per his own whims.

ironical how the current is sometimes such a clear reflection of the precedent. So there we have it.Rousseau, Robespierre and Danton.

And a whole lot of Sade…

 My head is in a different orbit and despite a life being lived fairly dangerously; I have failed to reprint, sporadically even, my escapades here. History is a more promising story right now. Lets continue reading.


~ by iconoplastic on June 12, 2006.

4 Responses to “The Terror”

  1. Miss you.

    (Angela Carter – The Sadeian Woman. Have you read it?)

  2. “The Moral Pornographer” eh? So that is what de Sade was supposed to have been. We ought to vehemently distrust such posers. Writing-up one’s fantasies as an art form for money, and pretending it is a message of warning, is an easy way to get published and the Hollywood movie list, as well as the Art House movie list, is scattered with such shit. I remember the case of the chip shop owner who was savaged by a bunch of moronic thugs right after they saw Clockwork Orange. The most impactful and therefore dangerous form of this vile phenomenon is video games.

  3. Cy – tch, tch..freedom of speech. Its a good concept. Revise it.
    Plus, my flu and general ennui don’t allow me much of an argument. Its a rather cliched debate@clockwork orange. I wonder what kane and abel read though??

    Aish – ola..yes, I believe i have and i am now a salsa maestro!

  4. The freedom of speech bit is like the thou shalt not kill bit. Simplistic, generalised. Nuff said really. Sorry, dod not catch your reply until today when somebody visited me from you.

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