You've got a way to kill…

First, God has been a real bitch to me lately.

Second, WordPress fucks around more often than a StreetWalker in Broadway.

Well my heart knows me better than I know myself..

 So I'm gonna let it do all the talking…

 An uneventful week drew to an even more uneventful close. The dearth of a love/sex life is never more obvious/painful than on a bright Saturday morning when your life’s greatest pleasure is getting up early(11ish) to catch reruns of BnB just so you could trash it later. I needed saving-from all the ennui that threatened to engulf my vestigial sanity, and since I am known as The chivalrous Girl Knight at work, well, I decided to save myself. Books and lingerie shopping seemed a consummate idea for a dateless evening. The genius plan received a partially severe blow to the face when Our lady of Pink called to check on me and also to ask after, what seemed like a century of hemming hawing, why I hadn’t returned her patronizing “hi” at the ghastly work-party. Now, why is Peachy McFuzz so entirely interested in scrutinizing reasons for my lack of social graces is a matter worthy of Sherlock-ian exploration. Maybe the Bald Beagle(aka Boss) enlightened bout her about my candid opinion of her,post my unpleasant conversation with him, and also about the fact that I didn’t exactly appreciate her high-handedness post my slaving over the “co-facilitated” project for her. Anyone with one single neuron can deduce that she is not worthy of her present position in the organization. BB fails to see that, coz, well..his neuron count is considerably low. The proclivity for saying “postalveolar articulatory pattern”  and/or produce orgasmic sounds to clue in clueless delegates while introducing the concept for monothongs in Spoken English, doesn’t necessarily merit the title of a Subject Matter Expert-(SME).

Excerpt from a conversation with the Bald Beagle about her :

“She is the project leader”

“Not. She is the nail-biting, chip-eating, and a parallel universe/ abnormally slow version of Wednesday Adams.

Anyway, she dead-aired(as opposed to conversed) for 15 minutes or maybe a millennium, I am not sure. She decided it appropriate to meet me outside of work for a “bonding session”. Such appalling irony!. If you were to place her in an S-N-M scenario, she would qualify as the submissive/masochist kind. Despite possessing the crotchety temper usually found in archaic men found in non-descript gardens grumbling about the appalling condition of the nation while contending a freestyle tobacco spitting contest, I was unable to refuse. Decided to drag  The Cherubian for the evening torture ritual. Thankfully, Pink Lady didn’t show up and instead We ended up at “Thai Lotus” for an evening of Indianized Thai cuisine. I might have rediscovered my kinship with glass noodles. Well! You lose some, you win some. Ended up peeling layers off my wallets and adding a few to my stomach. Must write a review for the eatery some time later when am more coherent, which at this moment, I am not.

I need to now bury my flat-nose in Kant’s Critique for Pure Reason and make some room for a little “Belle du Jour” on the side. Meanwhile, Arctic Monkeys and other assorted musical animals grazing my mind’s unequivocally schizophrenic pastures.

I am falling in love with dark purple nail varnish as well as "Love is Here"-Starsailor.


Inner Music Whore is OD-ing on these songs today :

  • Feist – Let it Die
  • Pink Martini – Sympathique
  • My Morning Jacket – O is The One(gorgeous!)
  • Neko Case – If you knew(a voice so luscious!)
  • Blue October – History for Sale(a tad poppish but will-do-in-lieu-of-Molko-making-sense)
  • The Clash – Mustapha Dance(Invokes the dead dancer's spirit!)
  • The Psychedelic Furs – Pulse(I 've been eating, drinking, regurgitating their Greatest Hits cd)
  • Ray LaMontagne – All the wild horses(folksy-for the uninitiated)


~ by iconoplastic on May 14, 2006.

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