Tandoori Nites(Meat of the Land)

The Sunday Times carried a supposed-to-scandalize-but-innately- corny (and clichéd) article about a Eurasian porn star. Neither the article nor the tart merit this casual waste of a caffeine drenched evening that I am dedicating to the post.But I shall do it anyway. I am not a porn star(at least to my knowledge), I don’t know any(at least to my knowledge) so I don’t possess a great deal of insight into their operations. This might be as half-baked as the roast from last Saturday but I was so piqued by the lopsided justification of the profession by this naively manufactured write up I am forced to vomit my opinion in a rather perfunctory manner. This is also my wrath against the useless publication that TOI has come to be. I am sick and tired of every Jane twisting the concept of Women Lib’s for her own benefits. Woman, you do what you do and I am glad that you feel contented, god knows that if I could manage some job satisfaction(without the anti depressants), I ‘d be equally elated. However, I don’t a see reason why you deserve a full-page article dedicated to your humdrum life. The spread, a beguiling picture of a dreamy Asian woman in a cheap designer knockoff, pseudo-seductively raising it just enough to raise the temperature in some rooms. That, she just happens to be a porn star and enjoys it, is a different beast altogether. The objective of the article was to examine her life. What it turned into, instead, was a spurious yarn.Yet, no harm.You are shown, by way of an extremely circuitous article how she is a "normal" person. She is pious, practices her namaz and cares about her family. Maybe even eats her broccoli and carrots. Are you satisfied? No? Well, then maybe you will be happy to know that she talks to her folks and they are almost ok with her choice of vocation except for her father. Everything is fine and dandy and yet with every paragraph you are reminded of that one tiny “glitch” – She just happens to be a porn star. Chiquitta, if you are really trying to stick up for yourself(argh..pun?!) then why be so nauseatingly contrite about who you are every sentence of the way.You choose it, now learn to love it. Atleast, thats what you'd have me believe. Her attitude towards her own life is as disturbing if not more, as that of a purist or a right wing moralist. I am dismayed by this constant daisy chain attitude of I am a victim- I am not a victim". If she is so regular and so deliriously satisfied with her life then why run the article with the intention of circulating her as an oddity amongst “normal Asian girls”. By the end of it, the piece stretched beyond being lame and jumped straight into the “limbless” territory. Ample newsprint was made to bleed with such undiluted stupidity, newsprint that could’ve been used  in more effective way to talk about significant issues even for the sake of a lifestyle supplement. You can’t help but wonder if indeed that creature “editor” has joined dodos as the extinct of the species.


~ by iconoplastic on May 2, 2006.

One Response to “Tandoori Nites(Meat of the Land)”

  1. was talking to someone the other day about how political correctness is the biggest downfall of society today…

    It veils inherent eveolutionary truths and euphemises the world until it has started to look like a sanitised abortion clinic….

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