Sixbillion and counting

Abandon. A casual fleeing from all things blog? Hardly. Did I leave you alone to stew in your own sloth rather than mine? Never! Perish such perilous thoughts, I merely am hibernating for the summer(Well, where I live we only have one season-summer and various degrees of it). My bones lack calcium, my blood- iron and my workplace – an organized structure. However we have learnt not to crib about those things because cribbing requires energy and we seriously lack that essential element. I have been ideating with some of the most diametrically opposite people from myself. My office could be Freud’s toystore. And yet anything blogilicious hasn’t made its presence felt.

In lieu of my writing anything worthwhile, I shall now begin url-dropping.

Voices from the edge are getting stronger and if you haven’t heard them yet, maybe you should now. Information, intensity, outrage – keywords for any journalist and most concerned citizens.

Middle Eastern Ann Frank?. Life as young girl in a battleground state.


~ by iconoplastic on April 4, 2006.

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  1. hmm.

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